Professional (e)Learning Adventures of Sarah Frick

Is this classroom from 1963 or 2013?

Walking by a classroom at UAA today, I stopped to peer in and look at what I immediately identified as the generic classroom image. A chalkboard ran two walls, all the desks all faced forward, and there was an overhead projector and a podium. Can this sort of classroom still be effective in engaging the […]

professional learning reflection

Sloan-C Pushed Me Over the Edge

I am coming upon my completion of the Sloan-C Online Online Teaching Certificate program. Its has been almost a year since I enrolled and made the year commitment to this professional learning program, which included a nine-week Foundations course, followed by my choice of 3 one-week electives, and work with a mentor. We offer this […]

classroom distance ed

Rapid Design Course Templates: OLC Conference Take-away

One of the most useful things I came across at the annual OLC Conference in was a presentation by Instructional Designer Will Turek from Kent State on their development and deployment of Rapid Design Course Templates. The main scenario he presented sounded very familiar to one at UAA Campus, which is a new faculty needing […]

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